Finish Information

Lyndon Furniture offers several finish options to best fit your need. We make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment, and our new finishes are a direct result of this. VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds are the primary air pollutant emitted by furniture coatings. Most finishes contain solvents which are the main source of VOC’s. Lyndon’s goal has been to reduce or replace solvents in all our furniture coatings without sacrificing required durability and appearance. This initiative has resulted in reduced VOC’s that are well below industry standard while maintaining optimal protection and beauty.

Lyndon’s High Solids Lacquer: Lacquer has a long history of being a fine furniture finish. Lyndon’s lacquer has been formulated to be applied as a higher solids coating with fewer solvents. This clear, high solids lacquer offers good protection/durability and has a matte (low sheen) appearance. With the exception of the Homestead line of reclaimed lumber furniture, lacquer is the standard finish applied to all product lines.

Lyndon’s High Solids Oil Finish: A modified oil finish option that enhances the natural beauty of wood while leaving a hard resin coating. Considered environmentally friendly due to its low VOC’s, it also offers excellent protective and durability properties without the hassle of ongoing maintenance/reapplication required of commercially available non-drying oils. This is the standard finish applied to the Homestead line of reclaimed lumber furniture.

Lyndon Furniture Finish Testing Results
Our finishes have been subjected to industry standard exposure testing. All have passed exposures to the following substances: vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, grape juice, catsup, mustard, and coffee. These substances were applied to finished pieces and left for 24 hours (with the exception mustard which was left for two hours); no discoloration or other damage occurred. 

A water and detergent test was conducted by dipping the end of the wood into a 3% detergent/water solution for a period of 24 hours. This did produce a slight darkening of the grain over that period. On re-testing, there was no change. “Lyndon’s finish is Water Resistant, not Water Proof”. Furniture protection is suggested as necessary. Please also see our Furniture Care section for more information regarding dangers of certain chemicals and heat exposure.

Any spill on fine furniture should be cleaned immediately to prevent damage and to ensure a long, useful life.